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Mari Nosal, M.Ed., CECE  received her B.A. in psychology and her Masters degree in Educational Foundations from Curry College. She spent years as a school age coordinator, blogger and author, and has 25 years experience within the human services and education fields. She has had special needs articles published in several magazines. Mari is a published author whose special needs Autism and Aspergers related books can be found on Amazon.com Barnes and Noble and Createspace. She is certified by the Department of Early Childhood Education as a lead preschool teacher, an infant and toddler teacher, and site coordinator qualified to manage school age programs. She is trained in Community Crisis Intervention by the Community Crisis Intervention Team .

As a parent of a son with Asperger’s, she shows others how it is possible to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. I present workshops on special needs… specialty is Autism spectrum disorder and Aspergers syndrome. I have presented for management teams, parents, and educators The emphasis is on educating, trouble shooting, resolution and creating a positive learning environment for the company, client, family, and society at large.

I present at workshops and public speaking from two different perspectives. I speak to parents groups regarding my personal experiences raising a son to adulthood  with who happens to have Aspergers and A.D.D. and provide advice thus helping them accept, comprehend inspire and ultimately empower parentswith the tools to help their child flourish. .I draw on my experience having brought up a special needs son diagnosed with Aspergers and ADD to adulthood and my professional and educational background as well.

I have been interviewed on radio broadcasts and podcast.

I work with Non Profits, schools, and society at large as well. I conduct public speaking engagements that provide them with the tools and knowledge to help special needs children, (predominantly autism and Aspergers ( with my specialty being Aspergers Syndrome) to become as independent and successful as possible.

I have presented autism workshops to staff, management teams, and parent groups. I offer tips on curriculum development and behaviour modification within the classroom and through in-services. I am certified by the Department of Early Childhood Education as a lead preschool teacher, an infant and toddler teacher, and site coordinator qualified to manage school age programs. I have recently ventured into public speaking engagements to educate both parents and educators on autism and Aspergers Syndrome
I want my experiences and challenges to be used productively as a learning tool for other parents and for educators as well. When my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s a decade ago it was a foreign word among many parents and professionals alike. I fought for help never giving up. Through my books I wish to help parents feel like they do not walk in the dark, that they are not alone, empower them and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I also want to educate society at large on the topic of the autism spectrum. I believe all parties involved need to work as a collaborative team in order to insure a special needs child’s success.

Inquiries regarding my availability for Workshops ,Public Speaking Events, motivational speaking and trainings  can be arranged via messaging on Linked in. I am available  in the Massachusetts and surrounding states. For serious inquiries, feel free to contact me at mnosal49@hotmail.com

If you like my articles. Please stop by and check out my books on Amazon.com  at Mari Nosal : Please stop by my site at Amazon Books and check out my published books on autism aspergers special needs and more   http://tinyurl.com/kdspqy9

Check out my radio interview with Eli Winfrey regarding Aspergers, Autism, my work, parenting and more @              Talkin Live with Eli 11/03 by Talkin Live with Eli | Family Podcasts


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  1. Dear Mari… I am wondering if you have contact with anyone doing research about the use of thermal therapy for individuals with autism & on the spectrum. This involves light to deep slow rhythmic compressions through heat, specific sequences which affect the nervous system, and from what I understand, will increase the oxytocin levels. Now that oxytocin levels can be obtained from simple lab work rather than lumbar puncture / CSF, it seems as it is time to explore. Just need contact person who can do this and the research. Here is a link from long ago in simply using the products we manufacture… but the application of the techniques is what really makes a difference.

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